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  1. The Great Battle

    Join Dr. Mark Becton and the Grove Avenue Children's Choir as they explore the story of David and Goliath.

  2. Live Generously

    What keeps me from living generously? How can I do it more than just in seasons?

  3. Gather With Other Believers

    Pastor Becton talks about gathering with other believers.

  4. Be Obedient...And Be Baptized

    Baptism is a public act showing you repented and surrendered your life to Jesus. It also portrays that you did not save yourself. It was an act of God.

  5. What Must We Jesus' Followers?

    The Father by His love for you will convict you. Dr. Mark Becton talks about the change that happens when you surrender all.

  6. Easter Service

    If you have surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, you will never go through a painful experience away from the lap of God. Though He may not keep you from it, He will hold you through it.