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  1. Expect the Extraordinary

    Dr. Becton looks at what happens in the city of Ephesus and how that teaches us to expect the extraordinary when the Gospel influences a city.

  2. What's Love Got to do With It?

    Love is a word we throw around pretty easily these days. Our understanding of love colors and impacts our ability to love.

  3. Windows & Mirrors

    Nik Ripkin speaks on Matthew 11: 2-6

  4. Our Words

    Austin Aker and Lee Becton talk about the power of our words.

  5. When Facing A Crisis

    We will all face crisis at some point in our lives. To be able to face it the way God wants us to face it, demands surrender.

  6. Strength for Life's Journey

    Fellowship is different from relationship. You can have one without the other. Relationship is established at birth, but fellowship is built over time.