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  1. Make Disciples

    Our aim at Grove is to follow Jesus in transforming generations and nations. The only method Jesus gave in doing this is to make disciples.

  2. Pray and Persevere

    Jesus shows in Luke 18:1 how discouragement and prayer war against each other. He knows it's discouragement that keeps us from praying. For once we stop talking to God, we lose sight of His purpose for our lives. Once blind to His will for us, how can we follow Him?


    LOVE LIKE JESUS We cannot effectively follow Jesus unless we love like him.

  4. The Great Battle

    Join Dr. Mark Becton and the Grove Avenue Children's Choir as they explore the story of David and Goliath.

  5. Live Generously

    What keeps me from living generously? How can I do it more than just in seasons?

  6. Gather With Other Believers

    Pastor Becton talks about gathering with other believers.