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  1. Rest In Our Identity

    We can do nothing to increase, decrease, or remove Jesus' acceptance. It's given to us. Once we rest in that, following Jesus becomes a liberating adventure. But to rest in this great truth, we need to reprogram our understanding of "identity."

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  3. Remember...To Follow

    We have opportunities and challenges in following Jesus today just as others did in our church's history. Prayerfully what they experienced with God in following Him will inspire us to do the same.

  4. Perspective

    When our perspective is off, it impacts how we filter the world around us. The same is true when it comes to scripture.

  5. Fresh Eyes

    You're going to blow it. Praise God. Jesus is alive. It may be a breakfast table, like Peter, or some other setting. But He'll call you to the table, to confront you, re-commission you, and promise to carry you. If you'll have an honest conversation with Him.

  6. Fourteen Hours Before..."It Is Finished"

    Go back before the mob at the cross, and before Herod and Pilate, even before Judas' betrayal. Go back to when Jesus entered Jerusalem under the canopy of palm fronds. You hear Jesus explain why He endured the cross.