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  1. Clear Expectations

    Only God knows what is coming and what is needed. Circumstances produce questions that need anwsers. Thankfully God supplies the answers to those questions.

  2. Live Like the Father

    For those surrendered to Jesus, God uses hardships as discipline. God disciplines us as a Father not a judge. He uses hardships to develop us not litigate us.

  3. Finish the Race

    God has planned a race for you, one that includes challenges. Letting God coach you through those challenges not only strengthens you to finish the race, it enables you to complete it looking like Him.

  4. A Service of Prayer

    Join Dr. Mark Becton in a service of prayer

  5. When God Connects The Dots

    God is the master story weaver. Dr. Mark Becton talks about how it is very possible that God is developing you so that He can weave your story with someone else's.

  6. The Path That Leads to Transformation

    Rev. Chuck Ward talks about understanding the reach and power of God's grace.