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  1. Wisdom Two Ways

    Situation after situation force us to make decisions. We can either seek the way of God's wisdom or we can default to our natural wisdom?

  2. Juggling Motherhood

    As a woman, wife, mother, you feel everyone wants something of you. It's hard to prioritize, who gets your first of most. By focusing your life first on God and what He wants you will be able to spin all your plates.

  3. The Acacia Tree

    With the Ark in the Old Testament and crown in the New, both made of Acacia wood, God reminds us of our sin and of His mercy and Grace.

  4. Adapt or Die

    We need more workers, especially young adults

  5. Remaining Vigilant and Living Missionally

    We are missionaries at home and work

  6. Becoming A Follower

    How does someone move from being separated from Jesus to all in with Him? How do people progress from opposers, inquirers, and groupies to being followers?