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  1. Making Room: An Inn Keeper's Story

    Join Dr. Mark Becton as he highlights biblical truths about living life surrendered to God, by telling the Christmas story from the viewpoint of the inn keeper's family.

  2. Headline News!

    The Christmas story recorded in Matthew and Luke is worthy of becoming global headline news. those inspired by God to report it saw it that way.

  3. Unwrapping God's Love

    Dr. Mark Becton talks about unwrapping God's love

  4. Hope in the World

    The Gospel, the good news that gives mankind hope is not a program. It's a person. It's Jesus, which means hope has already come into the world.

  5. Prayer Service - November

    Join Dr. Mark Becton in a service of prayer

  6. Dr. Jerry Johnson, President N.R.B

    Dr. Jerry Johnson talks about how you can do what God has called you to do.