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  1. A Prayer Service

    Join Dr. Mark Becton in a service of prayer

  2. Learning From John's Testimony

    Being a witness that pleases God has little to do with being known by other Christians. It has everything to do with being faithful to God as a witness. That's one reason why Jesus was impressed with John.

  3. Wish You Had Seen Jesus! (Part 2)

    By surrendering to Jesus you can have God forgive you, the Spirit of God enter you, teach you and guide you. You can experience the same blessings as John. You can see Jesus as he did.

  4. Wish You Had Seen Jesus! (Part 1)

    Hopefully when we finish these verses, you will say, "I wish I could have seen Jesus the way John did." That was likely John's (and God's) intent behind these verses.

  5. Jesus: Theme of Prophecy. It's All About Him

    Dr. Ed Hindson talks about Jesus and how it's all about Him.

  6. Connecting with John

    Pastor Becton begins our study of the Gospel of John. Though the themes are deep, John writes in a way all can understand.