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  1. More Than a Soft Launch

    As Jesus' followers we think, everyone should swoon to everything we say and do regarding Jesus. Not everyone did, even when Jesus performed a miracle.

  2. A Prayer Service

    Join Dr. Mark Becton for a service of prayer

  3. A Guide to Baptism

    The key is remembering each morning to turn your heart to God. Wake up ready for God to use you.

  4. Test Your Metal

    When you get close to God's word, you'll stand on an immovable foundation. You will understand that the word of God is your golden shield and that public opinion is a dangerous replacement.

  5. Living and Dying Faith

    Dr. Vander Warner, Jr. shares how to have the kind of faith we can live and die with successfully.

  6. Wisdom Two Ways

    Situation after situation force us to make decisions. We can either seek the way of God's wisdom or we can default to our natural wisdom?