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  1. Putting God First

    We have followed Jesus as he has talked about putting God over our image, our stuff, and now we are going to follow Jesus and see what it looks like to put God first over our worry.

  2. Fighting for Your Marriage

    With so many marriages breaking apart, one would assume people would want to find a proven plan for staying together. In Malachi 2:10-16, God provides His plan to help couples divorce-proof their marriages.

  3. A Single Focus

    Paul reminds the unmarried, widowed and virgins that your responsibility as a believer is to please the Lord.

  4. A Family That Imitates God

    Have you wondered what a family would look like if everyone in the family imitated God? God talks about this in Ephesians 5.

  5. Going In Wide-Eyed!

    Join Dr. Mark Becton as he talks about the spiritual adventures of Luke.

  6. Lessons to be Learned From the Magi

    As we prepare to embark on a new year, what lessons can we learn from the magi?