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  1. An Important Conversation

    Paul understands that the reason God asks us to give is not to get an amount from us, but to surface an experience within us. According to Corinthians 8: 1-9, the experience generated by giving is "grace".

  2. Spiritual Toughness

    Reading Hebrews 11-13 as a complete thought, the message is clear and blunt; "You need to spiritually toughen up."

  3. Atonement...God's Pattern & Person

    Our understanding of forgiveness emerges from Leviticus 16. There, God explains His requirements for His forgiveness. He establishes the pattern later fulfilled in the person of Jesus.

  4. Take More Responsibility

    We are all responsible for our life with God. It's our choice, and God does all he can to help us make the right choice.

  5. Clear Expectations

    Only God knows what is coming and what is needed. Circumstances produce questions that need anwsers. Thankfully God supplies the answers to those questions.

  6. Live Like the Father

    For those surrendered to Jesus, God uses hardships as discipline. God disciplines us as a Father not a judge. He uses hardships to develop us not litigate us.