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  1. Now Faith

    A definition of faith is not that complicated, It simply means "to trust".

  2. Therefore, Think!

    Bible students know when seeing the word “Therefore.” in scripture to ask, “What is it there for?” It acts as a stop sign in a section or chapter forcing the reader to retrace their journey. Thus as a christian don’t just react to your circumstance. Stop and think.

  3. The Bridge: A Close Inspection

    Join Dr. Mark Becton as he talks about investigating spiritual bridges. By comparing the Old Testament bridge system to the one established by Jesus, Hebrews 10 identifies what to look for to see if your bridge to God is sound.

  4. The Bridge: Not the Model

    When considering pulling back on your surrender to Jesus, the book of Hebrews challenges you to think again.

  5. A Nation and God!

    Let us acknowledge God in the foundation of our nation. Let us make God's Word the standard for our decisions. Join Dr. Mark Becton as he talks about how to reclaim our nation as "one nation under God."

  6. A Prayer Service

    Join Dr. Mark Becton in a service of prayer