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  1. Discover Community

    Relationships are important. Scripture shows us that relationships, Biblical, Gospel centered community is not only beneficial, but also essential.

  2. Assessing Your Reaction

    In John, Chapter 4, we can see others' responses to encounters with Jesus. How would you respond?

  3. When Jesus Gets Personal

    People are longing for real accountable relationships where it is safe to be vulnerable. We want someone, to love us enough to be in our face and get personal. Jesus is willing to be that someone.

  4. Delivering God's Gift

    John 4 addresses some of the challenges associated with delivering God's gift. It also provides help when our challenges intimidate us into silence.

  5. Financial Confessions

    Untold numbers live spiritually confined behind the bars of their own financial burden. You will not escape debtor's prison because of one day's or one week of discipline. You will have to work at saying "no" month after month until you ultimately discover, "I'm free."

  6. Do We Really Trust in Him?

    So the question of the day is... do we really trust Him? What does it mean to trust in God? What is the purpose?