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  1. The Jesus Effect

    The ramifications of Jesus' resurrection generates a myriad of religious, political and personal reactions. Dr. Mark Becton explains that it's Jesus' resurrection that creates the Jesus effect.

  2. Prayer Service

    Join Dr. Mark Becton in a service of prayer

  3. Three Words

    Dr. Mark Becton talks about the three words that every believer and church needs to keep in mind.

  4. Global Impact

    Dr. Gordon Fort talks about how within the heart of every person there is a longing for God

  5. Maturing Spiritually

    Life will always have its challenges. Dr. Mark Becton explains that's why God has made, kept, and assures us with His promises. Holding on to them we mature spiritually through the hard times.

  6. Trust Issues

    Don't listen to others who give their opinion on who you can trust. Ask yourself, "Do I really trust Him?" Using Hebrews, Dr. Mark Becton tells you to go with your gut. If you are truly surrendered to Jesus, your gut will tell you "Yes" every time.