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  1. Is Jesus Really God?

    Just as God provides clues, not proofs to His existence, He does the same regarding Jesus' identity. We'll look at two sets of clues. One being Jesus' claims. The other set of clues are seen in biblical consistency.

  2. Is There A God?

    Does God exist? How do we prove God? Don't try to prove God, but believe God exists

  3. Does Life Have a Purpose?

    Yes, life has a purpose. God created humanity to know and love Him. When our personal rebellion to God pulled us from that purpose, God sacrificed Jesus to make it possible for us to return to that purpose.

  4. Embrace The Nations

    The Gospel, by its supernatural nature, transcends any culture, view, or backstory. It is the love for the Father and those before us that enables us to communicate the Gospel to all peoples.

  5. Expect the Extraordinary

    Dr. Becton looks at what happens in the city of Ephesus and how that teaches us to expect the extraordinary when the Gospel influences a city.

  6. What's Love Got to do With It?

    Love is a word we throw around pretty easily these days. Our understanding of love colors and impacts our ability to love.