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  1. Show Me What I Have: I Need Confidence

    Life is a marathon. What is needed is a will strong enough to submit to God. Your shepherd is within you, providing the healing oil and reviving cup you need to continue. David experienced it and so will you.

  2. Go Before Me: I Need Peace!

    Don't overlook the value of reflecting on past valleys. Remembering all He has done in your past gives you the trust and peace to continue with Him.

  3. Walk With Me: I Need Comfort!

    Righteous paths are always in His will. Though they honor Him, they are never comfortable to us. That does not mean, however, that we cannot pray for God's comfort.

  4. Heart Healthy

    A Heart that finds life in the Gospel of Jesus will share that life with people who are cut off from Christ.

  5. Lead Me in Right Paths: I Need Guidance!

    We need Jesus engaged with us is we are to follow His lead in taking right paths. How we pray helps us stay more aware of and engaged in following His lead, especially on paths we'd normally avoid.

  6. Restore My Soul: I Need Hope!

    How do we pray to combat true hopelessness? Scripture shows that everyone, even the spiritually strong, feels hopeless at different times in life.