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  1. Lead Me in Right Paths: I Need Guidance!

    We need Jesus engaged with us is we are to follow His lead in taking right paths. How we pray helps us stay more aware of and engaged in following His lead, especially on paths we'd normally avoid.

  2. Restore My Soul: I Need Hope!

    How do we pray to combat true hopelessness? Scripture shows that everyone, even the spiritually strong, feels hopeless at different times in life.

  3. Lead Me to Still Waters: I Need Strength

    Regardless of what you are facing or how drained you may feel, stop and pray. Thank Jesus for being your still waters. Thank Him for always being with you, for renewing your strength now, and for the draining experiences to come as you follow Him.

  4. Make Me Lie Down: I Need Rest!

    Ask Jesus to make you lie down in green pastures with him. Plea with Him to help you digest all that He has done.

  5. Be My Shepherd: I Need A Lot

    God is with us.

  6. Why Pray Psalm 23

    Our hope is in the Lord