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  1. Hard Lessons For Public Servants

    Whether by election or appointment, those given broad responsibility in public service usually have remarkable capabilities. Dr. Mark Becton uses Daniel's experience as an example of how you need God, no matter what abilities you have.

  2. A Rare Set Of Skills

    Dr. Mark Becton explains that being a public servant used by God requires a rare set of skills. He uses Daniel as an example to show how we need to trust that God has equipped us for the job.

  3. An Influential Public Servant

    As the historic values of our nation seem to erode from the ongoing stream of attacks, it will take more than the spiritual leaders faithfully preaching God's word to divert those streams. Dr. Mark Becton uses Daniel as an example to show that godly men and women need to step up and be used by God in public service.

  4. Telling Your Story In Spite Of...

    We all have the responsibility to fulfill the cause to which we surrendered. However, we have to accept the fact that life often gets in the way. Dr. Mark Becton explains that we have to keep living and telling the story of Christ in spite of what happens in life.

  5. The Meaning Of Life

    Dr. Vander Warner Jr. talks about finding your identity in Jesus Christ.

  6. A Passenger's Story

    There are countless combinations of unexpected highs, lows, left, and right turns in life. Dr. Becton explains how we may not like or understand the ride God has us experiencing. He uses Paul's life as an example of how we need to ride it out in a way that honors God.