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  1. The Meaning Of Life

    Dr. Vander Warner Jr. talks about finding your identity in Jesus Christ.

  2. A Passenger's Story

    There are countless combinations of unexpected highs, lows, left, and right turns in life. Dr. Becton explains how we may not like or understand the ride God has us experiencing. He uses Paul's life as an example of how we need to ride it out in a way that honors God.

  3. A Story Outside The Lines

    Following Christ liberates us to live outside the lines the world has created. Dr. Becton talks about Paul's experience of living outside lines and explains how we can be a powerful example for helping others to break free.

  4. The Story Behind The Story

    When we as believers share our stories with others, we expect them to see and respond to the gospel the way we did. Pastor Becton explains why we should stop to learn their story.

  5. Serving the Church & Community

    Ever thought others were better suited for serving opportunities? Pastor Becton explains what it means to be handy, faithful, and humble in serving.

  6. When the Story is Unpopular

    Christians standing for our faith should not have to stand alone because we remain silent. Learn why we should know the law of the land and pray for those that enforce and create that law.