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Review Dr. Mark Becton's Marriage 101 Series

  1. Celebrating Faithfulness

    A Special worship service celebrating God's activity in Richmond.

  2. When The Story is Hard to Write

    Join Dr. Mark Becton on an Adventure with God based on the book of Acts. This weeks message is about writing your part of the story God has you experiencing.

  3. Dads On Fire-Wheeler

    Guest-speaker Dr. David Wheeler inspires dads to consider their eternal influence in 5 key areas of life.

  4. Marriage 101 Series: Session #5

    Dr. Becton concludes his “Marriage: 101” series by sharing the reasons why the Father wants us fighting
    for our marriages - - not just for the fulfillment that we receive, but for the pictures they give.

  5. How Relationships Strengthen Grace and Truth p2

    Dr. Becton teaches how relationships strengthen grace and truth in this conclusion of this two part series.

  6. How Worship Shapes Grace and Truth p1

    Dr. Becton teaches how worship shapes grace and truth in part one of this two part series.