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Review Dr. Mark Becton's Marriage 101 Series

  1. Parable of the Fire

    Dr. Becton teaches on relationships and keeping the fire burning.

  2. Three Personal Victories of the Resurrection

    Join Dr. Mark Becton for this special Resurrection Sunday Service.

  3. Looking for Neighbors!

    Who are our neighbors? This practical message from Dr. Becton challenges us to be a witness to the lost and an encouragement to the saved - - in our community and around the world!

  4. How Service Refines Us to Live Grace and Truth

    Dr. Becton expounds on the role of Christian service and how it affects our relationship with the Lord. When our focus is outward, God gives us the desire to help others and a deeper appreciation for living and proclaiming God's grace and truth in our lives.

  5. How Service Refines Grace and Truth

    Dr. Becton teaches the importance of service in a Christian's life and how it helps our witness in today's world.

  6. Marriage 101 Series: Session #1

    This is the first in a series of messages on marriage from Dr. Becton. Learn the fundamentals of building a strong marriage before you take your vows.