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  1. Life Is So Valuable

    Dr. Becton teaches the value of life on Sanctity of Life Sunday.

  2. Change Who Waits Rally

    In May 2012, there was two Change Who Waits rallies. The purpose of these rallies was for Christians to come together to be inspired and informed about the great need and opportunity for foster care/adoption in the Commonwealth. The rallies featured some teaching and a lot of stories and testimonies from foster parents and from kids who have grown up in the foster care system.

  3. Marriage 101 Series: Session#4

    This is the fourth message in a series of messages on marriage from Dr. Becton. Learn what the biblical grounds of divorce are and the consequence of divorce in your life. Dr. Becton also shares insight in dealing with difficulites in your marriage.

  4. Sitting with Solomon

    Dr. Becton encourages high school and college graduates to learn from King Solomon's example, as they celebrate a milestone in their lives and prepare for new experiences. The message focuses on praying for discernment and making godly friends, while being a godly friend.

  5. Parenting by Coattails

    Dr. Becton teaches how to parent God's way.

  6. What is Love -Rev. Brian Goins

    Rev. Brian Goins teaches "What is Love?" concluding the Words of Victory Ministries weekend featuring the Art of Marriage Event.