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  1. The People of God & The Purposes of God -Al Gilbert

    Guest-speaker Al Gilbert shares insight on salvation and the call to be willing vessels for God's use.

  2. Strategies for Personal Purity -Vander Warner

    Dr. Vander Warner Jr. teaches how to guard your heart and remain pure.

  3. God's Book on Sex

    Dr. Becton teaches about what God's Word says about sex.

  4. Parable of the Fire

    Dr. Becton teaches on relationships and keeping the fire burning.

  5. Three Personal Victories of the Resurrection

    Join Dr. Mark Becton for this special Resurrection Sunday Service.

  6. Looking for Neighbors!

    Who are our neighbors? This practical message from Dr. Becton challenges us to be a witness to the lost and an encouragement to the saved - - in our community and around the world!