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  1. Unity Within Church Family

    Join Lee Becton as he talks about unity within the church family

  2. Restored by the Gospel

    The very gospel God called us to proclaim, is the gospel that restores us to stay faithful with what God has called us to do.

  3. Giving as Family

    Knowing our nature to be selfish, to take pride in or credit for our efforts, and our longing for control, God institutes the simple practice of giving back to him 10% of what He gives us. It's not that God needs our money. God knows we need to give regularly to see where our trust lies. Is it in ourselves or Him?

  4. Mission as Family

    What is the mission of the church and ir's members

  5. Gifting as Family

    Only when using our gifts with the love of God do they become effective.

  6. Worship at the Lord's Table

    Pastor Chuck Ward guides us to the Lords Table to worship.