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  1. Praying for the President

    We know how easy it is to forget the fear of the Lord with the demands on us. Think how easy it would be for a President to forget with all the demands on him. That is why it is important that we remember to regularly pray for ourselves and our President.

  2. Praying as Family

    Church is not about what we do. It's about who we are. We are a spiritual family because of God's adoption. Once we rest in who we are as an adopted spiritual family, it affects what we do. It affects the way we pray as a spiritual family.

  3. When Church is Who We Are

    What does it mean to be the church and not just in church?

  4. Wrestling With God

    The greatest need in all our lives is spending time with and having a heart for God. Yet we give our time and attention to everything else, even though everything else is secondary to our time with God.

  5. 7 Reason Jesus was Born

    Explore the seven reasons for Jesus' Birth with Dr. Becton.

  6. Celebrate Jesus' Birth

    We've gathered to celebrate Jesus' birth. It helps, however, to look at and learn from the first celebration.