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    Missing Sabbath (Part 3: Helps in Observing Sabbath)

  2. Missing Sabbath

    There's a shared desperate hunger to understand and experience biblical Sabbath. It's our hope of getting the breath and focus needed not just to survive in life but to fulfill our vow to follow Jesus.

  3. Hope

    Join Algernon Tennyson from Awaken International Ministries, as he talks about hope.

  4. Election Tension

    Join Dr. Mark Becton as he talks about three specific tensions felt by this election

  5. Can I Know God Personally?

    Are you still growing in your relationship with God? Are you discovering truths and aspects of God you didn't know when you first began your relationship with Him? It's all part of the journey of knowing God.

  6. Is The Bible Reliable?

    Though the Bible itself gives us enough clues to trust it, it's the message of the Bible that generates faith, not the miracle of how God wrote it, or the miracles of how God fulfills the countless promises within it.